Fish Out of Water - With Joey Fisher and Pete Jonas on Chapman Radio

Fish Out of Water - With Joey Fisher and Pete Jonas


A "real music only" show which specializes in only playing music, of an eclectic variety of genres that comes off physical albums. Fish Out of Water both supports a wide spectrum of music and encourages a return to physically purchasing albums in order to give life back to the industry.




8pm - April 17th


Untitled Show, April 17th


8:58pm - StarFields (Surrender Dorothy) - The Pastrami Playground
8:54pm - Changes by The Zombies
8:50pm - Blue Moon of Kentucky by Elvis Presley
8:44pm - Isn't It a Lovely Night? by The Decemberists
8:38pm - Jesus Christ Blues by Margot & the Nuclear So and So's
8:29pm - The Punk and the Godfather by The Who
8:20pm - Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again by Bob Dylan
8:13pm - Soul Love by David Bowie
8:07pm - Your Southern Can Is Mine by The White Stripes


8pm - April 10th


Untitled Show, April 10th


8:54pm - Cracked Actor (2013 Remastered Version) by David Bowie
8:51pm - The Wind Cries Mary by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
8:45pm - The Answer by Gentleman Caller
8:39pm - Ludlow Junk Hustle by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
8:33pm - Pot Kettle Black by Wilco
8:28pm - Guilford Avenue Bridge by Dan Deacon
8:20pm - Yer Blues by The Beatles
8:14pm - The King of Carrot Flowers, Pts. 2 & 3 by Neutral Milk Hotel
8:06pm - Bob Dylan's 115th Dream by Bob Dylan


8pm - April 3rd


Untitled Show, April 3rd


8:57pm - Soldier's Grin by Wolf Parade
8:52pm - Anyway You Want Me by Elvis Presley
8:46pm - For What It's Worth by Buffalo Springfield
8:39pm - The Shrine / An Argument by Fleet Foxes
8:27pm - Soul by Mass Gothic
8:20pm - Yellow Submarine by The Beatles
8:11pm - Mykonos by Fleet Foxes
8:05pm - Aneurysm by Nirvana


8pm - March 13th


Untitled Show, March 13th


8:55pm - A Day In the Life by The Beatles
8:47pm - The Magic Bus by The Who
8:40pm - Cocaine Blues by Johnny Cash
8:28pm - Don't Be Cruel by Elvis Presley
8:20pm - Southern Can Is Mine by Blind Willie McTell
8:15pm - Motion Picture Soundtrack (Live At Canal+ Studios, Paris) by Radiohead
8:09pm - Son of a Gun by The Vaselines
8:04pm - Old Elvis


8pm - March 6th


Untitled Show, March 6th


8:58pm - Paper Tiger by Beck
8:51pm - Need by Mudhoney
8:42pm - Los Angeles by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
8:36pm - Veronica by Elvis Costello
8:29pm - Jimmy Jazz by The Clash
8:23pm - Wrong 'Em Boyo by The Clash
8:16pm - A Sterile World by Nigel A. Wilson
8:11pm - Any Time At All by The Beatles
8:06pm - I'll Keep It With Mine by Bob Dylan


8pm - February 28th


Untitled Show, February 28th


8:58pm - Petty Problems by Defiance, Ohio
8:47pm - Monsters by Silent Old Mtns.
8:37pm - Black Math by The White Stripes
8:34pm - Going To Maryland by The Mountain Goats
8:27pm - The Road to Hell Is Paved With Adverbs by Cameron McGill & What Army
8:22pm - Grace by Jeff Buckley
8:14pm - Overkill by Men At Work
8:06pm - Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On) by Talking Heads


8pm - February 21st


Untitled Show, February 21st


8:59pm - I'm Confused by Handsome Furs
8:49pm - Sound Check (Gravity) by Gorillaz
8:41pm - Cancer for the Cure by Eels
8:34pm - Race for the Prize by The Flaming Lips
8:27pm - And Your Bird Can Sing by The Beatles
8:24pm - Whatcha Gonna Do? by Bob Dylan
8:19pm - Farty Bass
8:13pm - Sugar Kane by Sonic Youth
8:10pm - Jimmy the Exploder by The White Stripes
8:04pm - Let's Paint Our Teeth Green by Margot & The Nuclear So and So's


Pete Jonas

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