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Every Tuesday at 2am


2am - May 11th


Final Show! Best of 2016


2:58am - You Were Right by RÜFÜS DU SOL
2:53am - White Noise (feat. Aluna George) by Disclosure
2:46am - When a Fire Starts to Burn by Disclosure
2:41am - Low Rider by War
2:36am - Disclosure - Magnets (SG Lewis Remix)
2:31am - MAITRO - Kid Goku
2:25am - Benet - Foolture
2:18am - Velkonz - Dreaming About You (Ft. Yuna)
2:13am - Swim High by Rivka
2:06am - Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones
2:01am - Take Me by RÜFÜS


2am - May 4th


More Music We Like


2:58am - Elohim - Xanax
2:52am - shino's theme - nujabes
2:46am - D33J - Park (Tape Version)
2:44am - child midori - All Good
2:37am - Nautiluss - Lonely Planet
2:27am - Dauwd - Kolido
2:23am - Emapea - Good Old Days
2:19am - SHAG - Know The Feelin'
2:15am - Darius - Cyan
2:11am - Saje - Who I Am (ft. Sabina)
2:05am - Slow Burn (feat. Chuck Ellis) by Durante
2:00am - White Noise (feat. Aluna George) by Disclosure


2am - April 27th


House Music


2:54am - Christina Perri - I Believe (Tom OHalloran Remix) [Pan Trailer Music Remix]
2:49am - Country Mile - Kronos & Johnny Flynn
2:44am - Alex Schultz - Much Better
2:37am - All Night (Skream Remix) [feat. John B] by Jack Beats
2:31am - Autograf - Metaphysical (Vijay & Sofia Ziatko Remix)
2:28am - Discipline by Club Cheval
2:21am - Kuso Kurae - See U Again
2:17am - ashanti - rock with u (lemarquis remix)
2:14am - When a Fire Starts to Burn by Disclosure
2:07am - Two Minds by Nero
2:02am - Your Love by Moko


2am - April 20th


420 Show!


2:59am - Welcome to Jamrock by Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley
2:50am - The Harvest by Tribal Seeds
2:46am - Got to Get You Into My Life by The Beatles
2:43am - Smoke Two Joints by Sublime
2:40am - Purple Haze by Jimmy Stinson
2:36am - Who's Got the Herb? by 311
2:31am - Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath
2:25am - Low Rider by War
2:20am - Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant
2:15am - Legalize It ("Dubby" Version) by Peter Tosh
2:10am - Jamming by Bob Marley
2:05am - Moist Vagina by Nirvana
2:04am - Because I Got High by Afroman


2am - April 13th


Music we like


2:57am - invention - trillium
2:54am - purpan - alone
2:50am - Kit Romas - Style Life
2:47am - bsd.u - bubble tea
2:43am - Robot Orchestra - Chasing Rainbows
2:40am - .sinh - birma
2:37am - FloFilz - Ivebeentryin
2:35am - CoryaYo - Sp?ce Funk
2:29am - Tom Misch - Twinkle Twinkle
2:26am - Juan RIOS - hwaii
2:21am - Vanilla - Summer
2:18am - MAITRO - Kid Goku
2:15am - RXN - adrift
2:11am - Haunted (feat. Sevdaliza) by Stwo
2:05am - Disclosure - Magnets (SG Lewis Remix)
2:00am - Porter Robinson ft. Amy Millan - Divinity (ODESZA Remix)


2am - April 6th


Jazzy Beats


2:58am - Freddie Joachim - Waves
2:57am - Duquenuquem - Green Soul
2:56am - Duquenuquem - Green Soul
2:54am - BKBrown - 2AM Drive
2:50am - Hir-O - El Mar
2:46am - Edo Lee - 6am
2:41am - Friend (Lover) by Evenings
2:37am - Medasin - Motion
2:32am - Atu - Doubts (Nyquill Remake)
2:27am - Mothica - No One (Kayge Calypso & DUNN Remix)
2:21am - Rufus - Take Me (Cassian Remix)
2:17am - Nick Leng - Crawled Out of the Sea
2:11am - Benet - Foolture
2:06am - Alicia Keys - You Don't Know My Name (SMLE Remix)
2:02am - Lovin by Millionyoung


2am - March 30th


Foreign Electronic


2:54am - I Can't Hardly Stand It by The Cramps
2:50am - Swell - I’m sorry (feat. shiloh)
2:41am - Claire by Clarian & Guy Gerber
2:37am - Say a Prayer for Me by RÜFÜS DU SOL
2:32am - Set Mo - Chasing Forever feat. ALPHAMAMA (Jafunk Remix)
2:28am - Velkonz - Dreaming About You
2:22am - Nujabes - Beyond
2:16am - Ben Pearce - What I Might Do (Kilter Remix)
2:09am - BADBADNOTGOOD - Kaleidoscope (Kaytranada’s Flip)
2:05am - Flume - Sleepless (Cosmo's Midnight Remix)
2:02am - Taquwami - τiмe Δf+er τiмe
2:01am - Jesse Ruins - Dream Analysis


2am - March 16th


European Electronic


2:54am - KAASI - Work With Me [Mallorca, Spain]
2:49am - Something About Us by Daft Punk
2:48am - Parade by Rone
2:40am - Aluna George and Tchami - You Know You Like It (remix) [England / France]
2:34am - You Said by Axel Thesleff
2:30am - Bullit by Watermät
2:29am - Bullit by Watermät
2:25am - Take Me by RÜFÜS
2:19am - Sordid Affair by Röyksopp
2:13am - Never Say Never by Basement Jaxx
2:09am - Pursuit by Gesaffelstein
2:05am - Defiant Order by Birdy Nam Nam
2:03am - Baby F-16 by Panteros666


2am - March 9th


Classic Rock Classic's


2:59am - Crocodile Rock by Elton John
2:52am - White Room by Cream
2:51am - Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater Revival
2:48am - For What It's Worth (Single Version) by Buffalo Springfield
2:42am - House of the Rising Sun by The Animals
2:38am - Walking On the Moon by The Police
2:32am - Simple Man (Original Version) by Lynyrd Skynyrd
2:26am - One of These Nights by Eagles
2:23am - Lookin' Out My Back Door by Creedence Clearwater Revival
2:18am - Voodoo Child (Slight Return) by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
2:14am - I Wanna Be Your Dog (Alternate Vocal) by The Stooges
2:10am - Have Love Will Travel by The Sonics
2:05am - Supernaut by Black Sabbath
2:00am - The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin


2am - March 2nd


Rap & Instrumental


2:57am - Firework by Katy Perry
2:54am - Nujabes - Aruarian Dance
2:51am - BKLV - Blissful
swag bitch
2:48am - Non Drifter - Nostalgia
2:46am - Check It by Zuper
2:46am -
2:45am - Check It by Zuper
2:42am - Zuper - New Beginnings
2:38am - Velkonz - Dreaming About You
2:34am - Slippin by Ian Ewing
2:30am - Sango - E Isso Ai (ft. Carlos)
2:28am - *** Lil Peep - Star Shopping ***
2:25am - Phantom by Chester Watson
2:23am - Smitty The BG - As Time Goes On ft. Bones
2:21am - Bones & Drip 133 - Unless I'm Wrong
2:20am - Bones & Drip 133 - Unless I'm Wrong
No Album Cover Available...
2:17am - Catchin' the Vibe by Quasimoto
2:14am - You Stressin' by Bishop Nehru
2:11am - Easy by Daye Jack
2:06am - The Circle by Ivan Ave


2am - February 24th


Kickback - electronic


2:55am - Caspa and Rusko - Rock Bottom
2:50am - Evenings - Friends [Lover]
2:46am - Edo Lee - Milky Way
2:44am - Aquilo - You There
2:41am - Clams Casino - Human
2:41am - Aquilo - You There
2:41am - Clams Casino - Human
2:38am - Mura Masa - Over-love
2:35am - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala
2:32am - Yung Gud - Anubis
(underground mother-fucking shit)
2:29am - History by Groove Armada
2:22am - My Girls by Animal Collective
2:19am - quaibozz - million paths (remix)
2:16am - Feel It All Around by Washed Out
2:15am - The Knower by Youth Lagoon
2:09am - Can't Do Without You by Caribou
2:03am - Awake by Tycho
2:00am - Doujinshi - Summer is Soon


2am - February 17th


First Show - electronic


2:59am - Haunted (feat. Sevdaliza) by Stwo
2:55am - Falls - Structured Air
2:51am - RIVKA - Swim High
2:49am - Edo Lee - Black Coffee
2:46am -
2:46am - doujinshi- You Let Me Go
2:43am - Doujinshi - Happy End
2:39am - Slippin by Ian Ewing
2:35am - Marriage by Gold Panda
2:25am - Innerbloom by RÜFÜS DU SOL
2:22am - Confess to Me (feat. Jessie Ware) by Disclosure
2:15am - Tove Lo - Talking Body (Gryffin Remix)
2:11am - Flume - Sleepless (Cosmo Midnight Remix)
2:03am - You Were Right by RÜFÜS DU SOL


Josh Scheurer

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