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easy tunes for vibing from indie to hip-hop to electronic while incorporating local music from my two homes of California & Minnesota



show time

Every Sunday at 10am


10am - May 14th


Untitled Show, May 14th


10:50am - The Stars Keep On Calling My Name by Mac Demarco
10:46am - The Art School Kids by Slow Hollows
10:42am - Border On Border by Night Moves
10:35am - The Glow by Sylvan Esso
10:31am - Move by Saint Motel
10:27am - Metaphor by Mt. Eddy
10:21am - Desert Diddy by Vundabar
10:17am - Way It Goes by Hippo Campus
10:13am - Kisser by Step Rockets
10:09am - Falling Apart by Surf Curse
10:04am - Broken Record by Alex Ebert
10:01am - Eleven Weeks by Vansire


10am - May 7th


Untitled Show, May 7th


10:56am - Baby You're Out by Mac DeMarco
10:55am - King of the World by Jakob Danger
10:47am - Epitaph by Hippo Campus
10:43am - Autumn Leaves by The Walters
10:39am - What Kind of Love by Childish Gambino
10:35am - Buffalo by Frankie Lee
10:30am - Age of Consent by New Order
10:26am - E-Pro by Beck
10:22am - 1955 by Bad Wave
10:17am - Okinawa by Sure Sure
10:14am - Afro Club by The Librarians
10:11am - Blowin' In the Wind by Bob Dylan & The Band
10:11am - Buddy by The Orwells
10:10am - This Side by Nickel Creek
10:03am - Codeine by Trampled By Turtles


10am - April 30th


Untitled Show, April 30th


10:54am - check out all the tunes from this year's shows ! follow the roll n coast playlist here:
10:53am - My Old Man by Mac DeMarco
10:53am - Never Trust a Junkie by Dante Elephante
10:45am - To Move On by Alex Izenberg
10:40am - Little Mercy by Doomtree
10:35am - Fade Into You by Mazzy Star
10:31am - Always Forever by Cults
10:28am - Chasin' You Around by The Hive Minds
10:24am - For Now by Peter Wolf Crier
10:20am - Pay the Man by Foster the People
10:16am - Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man
10:12am - BREAKFAST CAN WAIT by Prince
10:09am - R.I.P. to My Youth by The Neighbourhood
10:05am - Salad Days by Mac Demarco


10am - April 23rd


Untitled Show, April 23rd


10:59am - Big Sis by SALES
10:55am - Time to Get Lost by Bad Wave
10:50am - Honest Man by Frankie Lee
10:47am - Somebody More Like You by Nickel Creek
10:41am - Wondering How by Night Moves
10:37am - Waiting to Dance by Jakob Danger
10:34am - Sarah (Bonus Track) by Alex G
10:30am - The Wire by HAIM
10:30am - Sarah (Bonus Track) by Alex G
10:30am - The Wire by HAIM
10:25am - Secret Smile by Semisonic
10:22am - Nostalgia by Surf Curse
10:18am - Golden Days by Whitney
10:14am - A Long, Cold Night in Minneapolis by Dead Man Winter
10:10am - Brazil by Declan McKenna
10:05am - By Your Side by Warpaint
10:01am - Kiss (Extended Version) by Prince & The Revolution


10am - April 16th


Untitled Show, April 16th


10:55am - On the Level by Mac DeMarco
10:52am - lullabies – maya dengel
follow for more:
10:49am - Vines by Hippo Campus
10:45am - High School Lover by Cayucas
10:43am - Curfew... by Rex Orange County
10:40am - My Love by The Ericksons
10:36am - Pockets Full of No by Coast Modern
10:32am - Puppy Dog by The Shivers
10:28am - Omaha by Tapes 'n Tapes
10:24am - 1940 (AmpLive Remix) by The Submarines
10:20am - Gold In the Air by Jesse Woods
10:16am - Alone by Trampled By Turtles
10:12am - This Head I Hold by Electric Guest
10:09am - Real Love Baby by Father John Misty
10:04am - Ricochet by Strange Names
10:00am - Take It or Leave It by Sublime With Rome


10am - April 9th


Untitled Show, April 9th


10:58am - thanks for watching ! you can find my playlists on spotify by typing in "roll n coast: episode 5"

peep my other playlists under the name @m_dengel :-)
10:55am - California (Tchad Blake Remix) by Phantom Planet
10:49am - 3WW by alt-J
10:46am - Lips by Oyster Kids
10:42am - For Real by Mallrat
10:38am - Untitled by Day Wave
10:34am - Buttercup by Hippo Campus
10:29am - Whiteout by Warpaint
10:26am - Cats and Dogs by The Head and the Heart
10:22am - Love Is Mystical by Cold War Kids
10:18am - She's Gonna Leave You by The Walters
10:15am - 40 Watt by ELEL
10:12am - Things We Never Say by Bad Bad Hats
10:07am - Blue Moon by Beck
10:04am - West Coast by Step Rockets


10am - March 12th


Untitled Show, March 12th


10:57am - don't forget to check out this show's playlist on spotfiy ! search @thecheekypeach (@m_dengel for my personal playlists) and relive the great tunes from CA + MN ––– cya in 2 weeks !
10:55am - October by Broken Bells
10:52am - The One Thing by Caroline Smith
10:48am - Lovely, Lately by Night Moves
10:45am - 22 (OVER S∞∞N) by Bon Iver
10:41am - San Francisco by Foxygen
10:38am - Goddess by Sleeping Jesus
10:34am - There She Goes by The La's
10:31am - Don't Try by Jakob Danger
10:28am - The Loser by Zach Farache
10:25am - I Can't Control Myself by Strange Names
10:22am - Way Too Much by Wavves
10:17am - Jealous of the Moon by Nickel Creek
10:13am - For Good by Fog
10:09am - Ooh La La by Faces
10:05am - Kisser by Step Rockets


10am - March 5th


Untitled Show, March 5th


10:57am - Blessings by Sampa the Great
10:53am - Kiss (Extended Version) by Prince & The Revolution
10:48am - Luxury Child by Strange Names
10:44am - Wander by The Aquadolls
10:41am - Friday Feels by Jakob Danger
10:37am - Got to My Head by WATERS
10:34am - Weight of the World by Dead Man Winter
10:29am - Half About Being a Woman by Caroline Smith
10:26am - Look Out by Bad Wave
10:22am - To Be Won by Good Morning
10:19am - I Want You by Marian Hill
10:15am - Tuesday by Hippo Campus
10:11am - Comb My Hair by Coast Modern
10:04am - Maria by Night Moves
10:02am - Somebody That I Used to Know by Elliott Smith


10am - February 26th


Untitled Show, February 26th


10:57am - If I Could Find You (Eternity) by The Holydrug Couple
10:54am - Border On Border by Night Moves
10:50am - Overflow by Ghost Loft
10:46am - Don't Save Me by Haim
10:43am - This Old Dog by Mac DeMarco
10:40am - It Followed Me by Surf Curse
10:40am - follow me on spotify for my show's playlist:
@m_dengel (or just type in Maya Dengel)

scroll to the bottom and you'll find them or you can explore my other playlists while you're there :-)
10:37am - Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois by Sufjan Stevens
10:33am - Settling It Off by Peter Wolf Crier
10:30am - The Art School Kids by Slow Hollows
10:25am - Zebra by Beach House
10:21am - Daniel by Bad Wave
10:17am - Destination by Nickel Creek
10:13am - Organ Donor by Jeremy M


8pm - December 11th




8:59pm - Come Back Home (Lazerbeak Remix) by Trampled By Turtles & Lazerbeak
8:54pm - Love Addiction by Maya Dengel
8:50pm - In a Black Out by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam
8:47pm - Wait So Long by Trampled By Turtles
8:43pm - Spit On a Stranger by Nickel Creek
8:39pm - Pretty Girls by Ex Vivian
8:37pm - Untitled 101 by Peter Wolf Crier
8:33pm - Baby by Devendra Banhart
8:30pm - Monsoon by Hippo Campus
8:26pm - You, Me, and the Bourgeoisie by The Submarines
8:22pm - Your Mother Should Know by Actual Wolf
8:19pm - Say Yes by Elliott Smith
8:16pm - Passing Out Pieces by Mac Demarco
8:11pm - Told You I'd Be with the Guys by Cherry Glazerr
8:07pm - Spin by Bad Bad Hats
8:03pm - Our Love Will Always Remain by The Aquadolls


8pm - November 13th


Show 5


8:52pm - Humanize by Lizzo
8:48pm - Greek Tragedy by The Wombats
8:43pm - I've Been Searching by ISLAND
8:39pm - Little Mercy by Doomtree
8:35pm - Violet! by Jeremy Messersmith
8:31pm - Friday Feels by Jakob Danger
8:27pm - Freak Out by Tapes 'n Tapes
8:22pm - 3Am by Bad Wave
8:19pm - Beach by Peter Wolf Crier
8:16pm - Lips by Oyster Kids
8:11pm - Lose It by SWMRS
8:07pm - 25 by Morningsiders
8:03pm - Puzzle Pieces by Saint Motel


8pm - October 30th




8:54pm - Control by John Mark Nelson
8:50pm - Going Gets Tough by The Growlers
8:45pm - Pull by Spooky Black
8:41pm - 10,000 Weight in Gold by The Head and the Heart
8:37pm - Makeout Point by The Frights
8:33pm - Gone Blind by The Ericksons
8:29pm - Never Seen Such Good Things by Devendra Banhart
8:27pm - Blue by Maya Dengel
8:26pm - Guess this song !
8:22pm - Overflow by Ghost Loft
8:19pm - American Daydream by Electric Guest
8:16pm - Speed of Sound by Communist Daughter
8:11pm - Doin' Time by Sublime
8:08pm - Humanize by Lizzo
8:03pm - Creepy by Oyster Kids


8pm - October 16th


Show 3


8:56pm - Don't Save Me by Haim
8:52pm - Onward & Awkward by Phantom Tails
8:48pm - Fade Away by Maya Dengel
8:43pm - Destination by Nickel Creek
8:40pm - Come with Me by ISLAND
8:37pm - Sad Dream by Sky Ferreira
8:32pm - I Love You So by The Walters
8:30pm - Joseph by Bad Bad Hats
8:24pm - Nevermind by Foster the People
8:21pm - California At Dawn by Sleeping Jesus
8:18pm - Sleep Apnea by Beach Fossils
8:17pm - We Became Kids Again by Peter Wolf Crier
8:11pm - Freaks by Surf Curse
8:08pm - Boyish by Hippo Campus
8:08pm - Come Back Home (Lazerbeak Remix) by Trampled By Turtles & Lazerbeak
8:00pm - Okay by Slow Hollows


8pm - October 2nd


Show 2


8:56pm - Welcome to Your Life by Grouplove
8:53pm - Chinese New Year by SALES
8:49pm - Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys
8:46pm - Take the Blame so I Don't Have To by Spooky Black
8:40pm - Kalifornia - Modern Pleasure
8:36pm - It's Strange (feat. K.Flay) by Louis The Child
8:32pm - All the While by The Pines
8:29pm - Salad Days by Mac Demarco
8:26pm - Where Is My Mind by Trampled By Turtles
8:23pm - The Art School Kids by Slow Hollows
8:21pm - You Were Born by Cloud Cult
8:18pm - Teenage Girl by Cherry Glazerr
8:12pm - The Halocline by Hippo Campus
8:08pm - Hollow Life by Coast Modern
8:04pm - All We Got by deM atlaS


8pm - September 18th


Show 1 - 9.18.16


8:59pm - Dixon's Girl by Dessa
8:55pm - 40 Day Dream by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
8:55pm - Super America by Bad Bad Hats
8:54pm - Ode To Viceroy by Mac Demarco
8:46pm - Summer Mood by Best Coast
8:40pm - No Surprises by Radiohead
8:39pm - Psychic Reader by Bad Bad Hats
8:32pm - Brazil by Declan McKenna
8:28pm - Drive North by deM atlaS
8:28pm - Seaweed by Hockey Dad
8:26pm - Guru by Coast Modern
8:16pm - Funtimes in Babylon by Father John Misty
8:14pm - Shuggie by Foxygen
8:14pm - Season 2 Episode 3 by Glass Animals
8:04pm - Suicide Saturday by Hippo Campus


Maya Dengel

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