60 Minutes of Matthew McConaughey Saying on Chapman Radio

60 Minutes of Matthew McConaughey Saying


60 minutes of primarily alternative music combined with late 90's/early 2000's hits.



show time

Every other Friday at 7pm


7pm - April 21st


3rd Show


7:52pm - Little Wanderer by Death Cab for Cutie
7:48pm - Somebody Else by The 1975
7:44pm - Samson by Regina Spektor
7:41pm - Sea of Love by Lily & Madeleine
7:37pm - Free Fallin' by John Mayer
7:33pm - Into You by Ariana Grande
7:31pm - Passenger Seat by Death Cab for Cutie
7:27pm - Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay
7:20pm - To Be With You by The Honey Trees
7:19pm - The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive by Death Cab for Cutie
7:13pm - Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer
7:11pm - Tip Toes by Jayme Dee
7:07pm - Moon and Back by Alice Kristiansen
7:04pm - Tongue Tied by Grouplove


7pm - April 7th


Untitled Show, April 7th


7:58pm - Take You There by Sean Kingston
7:52pm - Tongue Tied by Grouplove
7:46pm - Last Hope by Paramore
7:43pm - Carried Away by Passion Pit
7:40pm - Wouldn't It Be Nice by The Beach Boys
7:34pm - Sail Away by David Gray
7:30pm - Such Great Heights by The Postal Service
7:28pm - Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want by She & Him
7:24pm - Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap
7:22pm - Hurt by Johnny Cash
7:22pm - Tiny Dancer by Elton John
7:21pm - The Middle (Karaoke with Background Vocals) [In the Style of Jimmy Eat World] by ProSound Karaoke Band
7:05pm - The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On a Shaker Hymn) by Weezer
7:04pm - I Always Knew by The Vaccines


7pm - February 24th


1st Show


7:55pm - When the Lights Go Out by Crybaby
7:51pm - Spaceman by The Killers
7:44pm - Kids by MGMT
7:39pm - Apartment by Young the Giant
7:37pm - Surfer Girl by The Beach Boys
7:32pm - Tiny Vessels (Demo) by Death Cab for Cutie
7:29pm - Title and Registration (Demo) by Death Cab for Cutie
7:25pm - Fumes by Lily & Madeleine
7:20pm - Mrs. Potato Head by Melanie Martinez
7:18pm - Drive by Halsey
7:10pm - Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine
7:00pm - Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall by Coldplay


Audrey Barthold