Pixiestick Hypebeast on Chapman Radio

Pixiestick Hypebeast


A medley of eurobeat, rave, and techno/techno remixes accompanied by me making an absolute fool of myself with all kinds of rave slang, occasional shoutouts to good dogs I've seen around campus, and the Fuego Alert! (TM) Wildfire Watch Minute with commentary on today's wildfire danger level because we're living in hell! Rest assured it wont just be mainstream dance music I'll dig up rave remixes of meme-y songs too. If you think I wont play a rave mix of Despacito you're dead wrong buddy. I absolutely will. Basically it's just gonna be a lot of bangers and me crackin' jokes with a techno twist. Also I'm gonna do a zodiac bit where I read horoscopes I make up to weirdly ominous music and it's gonna be great.



show time

Every other Wednesday at 3pm


Emma Korengel
DJ Prism

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