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Behind the music


I talk will about music and specifically the real meaning behind popular songs. Since I’m a songwriter I would also play cool new songs but a lot of my show would center around talking about songwriting and what goes into the songs that we hear on the radio everyday. I’m also interested in occasionally having other musician guests to talk about how they write and get some insight on their favorite artists! My show would be regular as I don’t listen to much vulgar music. The genre of music would mostly be a blend of indie, pop and singer songwriter! But, occasionally I would include classic hit songs from other genres in order to get insight into the meaning of songs. (A fun example of this would be the song “3am” by matchbox 20, while most think this song is about a breakup, the lead singer actually wrote it about looking back on his childhood when his mom had cancer and it’s a testament to how they both coped, so I would first explain common misconceptions then explain the real meaning and finally I would play the song, it would be a mix of music and podcast style conversations)



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Every other Wednesday at 3pm


Caitlin Foley

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