The Gateway on Chapman Radio

The Gateway


Each show will focus on a different musical genre or motif. This could be from seattle hip hop - alt folk - songs from 2005, you name it. The goal is to be a gateway into a variety of music.



show time

Every Saturday at 2pm


2pm - December 6th


Untitled Show, December 6th


2:57pm - Winter Song by The Head and the Heart
2:53pm - Needle by Born Ruffians
2:50pm - Sex and Candy by Marcy Playground
2:46pm - The Fear by Ben Howard
2:43pm - The Window Song by The Kooks
2:39pm - The High Road by Broken Bells
2:35pm - Can't Pretend by Tom Odell
2:31pm - Places by The Electric Sons
2:27pm - One Chance by Modest Mouse
2:25pm - Satin In a Coffin by Modest Mouse
2:22pm - The News from Your Bed by Bishop Allen
2:19pm - When I Get Older by Wild Party
2:15pm - Just One Day by Mighty Oaks
2:13pm - Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix) by Coldplay
2:07pm - Sentimental by Wildcat! Wildcat!
2:04pm - Gilded Oldies by Cataldo
2:02pm - Rookie by The Riverside


2pm - November 15th


Untitled Show, November 15th


2:58pm - Spike In a Rail by Darren Korb
2:55pm - Flavor Cats (In the Comfort Zone) by Bryan Hehmann, Chris Rippy, Kevin McMullan, Northwest Sinfonia & Stephen Rippy
2:52pm - Clear My Head by Joel P West
2:51pm - I Won't Say (I'm In Love) by Cheryl Freeman, LaChanze, Lillias White, Susan Egan & Vaneese Thomas
2:46pm - Princess Mononoke - The Legend of Ashitaka by Joe Hisaishi
2:44pm - Hope and Memory by Howard Shore
2:38pm - The Battle Room by Steve Jablonsky, Gavin Greenaway & Metro Voices
2:35pm - First Class by Henry Jackman
2:32pm - Rango Suite by Hans Zimmer
2:28pm - The Equation by Chad Seiter
2:25pm - Republic City Under Attack by Jeremy Zuckerman
2:18pm - Across the Stars (Love Theme from "Star Wars, Episode II") by John Williams


2pm - November 8th


Untitled Show, November 8th


2:55pm - Sober by Childish Gambino
2:47pm - Pacific Coast Highway by Kavinsky
2:44pm - Puff, the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul & Mary
2:39pm - Somewhere Out There by Donald Glover & Danny Pudi
2:36pm - At Least It Was Here ("Community" Main Title) [Full Length Version] by The 88
2:28pm - Rivers and Roads by The Head and the Heart
2:22pm - No Diggity by Blackstreet & Dr. Dre
2:15pm - You & Me (feat. Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix] by Flume
2:08pm - Leaving, On a Jet Plane by John Denver
2:02pm - Habits by Young Rising Sons


2pm - November 1st


Untitled Show, November 1st


2:56pm - Lose Yourself to Dance (feat. Pharrell Williams) by Daft Punk
2:52pm - Only You by Ellie Goulding
2:47pm - Thunder Clatter (Jensen Sportag Remix) by Wild Cub
2:44pm - Affection by Crystal Castles
2:38pm - Lovetop by Starcadian
2:33pm - Elastic Heart (feat. The Weeknd & Diplo) by Sia
2:31pm - Pretty Thing by Broods
2:25pm - Fall In Love by Phantogram
2:21pm - Sleepless (feat. The High) [Radio Edit] by Cazzette
2:19pm - Polygon Dust (feat. Lemaitre) by Porter Robinson
2:14pm - Don't Wake Me by Robots Don't Sleep
2:03pm - Wrong Or Right by Kwabs
2:00pm - Love Is All I Got by Feed Me & Crystal Fighters


2pm - October 25th


Untitled Show, October 25th


2:54pm - Satellite by Guster
2:49pm - Home Sweet Home by Lady of the Sunshine
2:44pm - Son My Son by Milo Greene
2:41pm - Sunrise by Owl Paws
2:36pm - Walking On a Dream by Empire of the Sun
2:32pm - See the Sun by The Kooks
2:29pm - People C'mon by Delta Spirit
2:21pm - Sunshine by Pacific Air
2:16pm - House of the Rising Sun by The Animals
2:11pm - Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant) by ODESZA
2:09pm - Sun Shy by Dresses
2:03pm - Setting Sun by The Lower 48
2:01pm - Share With Me the Sun by Portugal. The Man


2pm - October 18th


Untitled Show, October 18th


2:57pm - Blew My Mind by Dresses
2:55pm - The Road by Old Man Canyon
2:50pm - We Are in Love by Cider Sky
2:46pm - Hold On by Sons Of The East
2:42pm - Duet In B Minor by Pacific Air
2:42pm - Eleanor Put Your Boots On by Franz Ferdinand
2:35pm - When the Sun Goes Down by Arctic Monkeys
2:32pm - Write It All Down for You by Elliott BROOD
2:27pm - Lay Me Down by The Oh Hello's
2:23pm - Little Garçon by Born Ruffians
2:18pm - Let Nas Down by J Cole
2:12pm - Sailing to Nowhere by Broken Bells
2:09pm - Harlem by Cathedrals
2:04pm - Over You Again by The Dig
2:02pm - Do You Love Me Still? by The Kooks


2pm - October 11th


Untitled Show, October 11th


2:53pm - Golden Ocean by Miner
2:51pm - No Gold by Norma Jean Martine
2:45pm - Get Me Golden by Terraplane Sun
2:44pm - Back Home by Gold Panda
2:41pm - Gold by Sir Sly
2:38pm - From Gold by Novo Amor
2:36pm - Flinton by Gold Panda
2:33pm - Everyone Is Golden (Acoustic) by Portugal. The Man
2:28pm - We Are Golden by Black Light Dinner Party
2:26pm - We Work Nights by Gold Panda
2:23pm - 10,000 Weight in Gold by The Head and the Heart
2:19pm - Brighter Than Gold by The Cat Empire
2:18pm - Like Totally by Gold Panda
2:14pm - The Golden Age and the Silver Girl by Tyler Lyle
2:09pm - Gold by Chet Faker
2:09pm - An English House by Gold Panda
2:05pm - Fool's Gold by Tin Sparrow
2:02pm - What Was Golden by New Navy


2pm - October 4th


Untitled Show, October 4th


2:55pm - My New Friend by Carousel
2:53pm - End of the World Everyday by Wildcat! Wildcat!
2:47pm - Coeur d'Alene by The Head and the Heart
2:43pm - Sydney by The Salvadors
2:37pm - Islands by The Electric Sons
2:35pm - The Sun by Portugal. The Man
2:28pm - Fall Underneath by Snakadaktal
2:25pm - The Headwinds by The Family Crest
2:20pm - Paper Sails by Stu Larsen
2:18pm - Silhouettes by Colony House
2:12pm - Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse
2:09pm - Secrets Are No Fun by Bad Bad Hats
2:04pm - Uma by Panama Wedding
2:02pm - Fred Astaire by San Cisco


2pm - September 27th


Untitled Show, September 27th


2:59pm - Tap Dance (feat. Chance the Rapper & the Social Experiment) by Octave Minds
2:55pm - Venice by The Lighthouse and The Whaler
2:51pm - Gale Song by The Lumineers
2:47pm - Kids In Catalina by Summer Fiction
2:44pm - This Is the End by The Ghost of Paul Revere
2:40pm - Paper Knees by The Careful Ones
2:36pm - Tick of Time by The Kooks
2:31pm - Anna Maria by Wild Child
2:29pm - Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwich
2:19pm - Golden by Aunt Martha
2:12pm - Olivia by Rayland Baxter
2:11pm - Learning How to Love by Colony House
2:06pm - Tell Me When You Go by Rue Royale
2:04pm - The Catbird Seat by Darlingside


2pm - September 20th


Untitled Show, September 20th


2:50pm - Time to Run by Lord Huron
2:46pm - Wheels by Foo Fighters
2:43pm - Creature Fear by Bon Iver
2:38pm - Bury Us Alive by STRFKR
2:35pm - Your Bones by Of Monsters and Men
2:31pm - American Daydream by Electric Guest


2pm - September 13th


Untitled Show, September 13th


2pm - September 6th


Untitled Show, September 6th


Charlie Bruene